Hotel Rooms in Halsey, NE

Hotel Rooms in Halsey, NE

Thank you again for choosing Redwood Inn for your temporary boarding needs. Our hotel has several five-star ratings on sites such as Facebook and Trip Advisor. Therefore, you can trust that we will treat your family well and provide you with an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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The rooms we have available to reserve are:

General Guest Rooms

We currently have 11 regular guest rooms. These rooms include the basics, such as beds, bathrooms, televisions, etc. You’ll also have access to an in-room refrigerator to place your food and drinks. Furthermore, you’ll be conveniently close to the Nebraska National Forest, The Sand Hills Of Nebraska and other popular sites.


We also offer bunkhouses for more involved trips and longer vacations. You can rent one of our bunkhouses for a weekend stay and enjoy the scenery and relaxation. Come to us and schedule some time in one of our rooms or bunkhouses during your journey.

All of our rooms and bunkhouses include the following:

  • Refrigerators
    Our rooms come with refrigerators to keep your food fresh so that you can have easy access to nourishment. All rooms and bunkhouses have at least one fridge in them.
  • Television
    We provide you with a television so that you can stay on top of your favorite shows while staying at our establishment. Ask about special channels.
  • Internet Connection
    Stay connected with work, family, and friends with a swift internet connection. You’ll never have to be disconnected during your stay unless you want to be.
  • Extra-Clean Linens
    You can count on receiving a clean and sanitary room and an overall healthy experience in our facility. Our staff members ensure that our guests are always taken care of and are always pleased with the level of cleanliness.
  • Friendly Customer Service
    On top of everything else, you’ll also receive five-star service from some of the most personable people in the industry. Our customer service representatives are there to make your experiences as pleasant as possible. You can ask any question about our services, amenities and attractions and feel confident that our experts will provide you with excellent answers.